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City Tour-Berlin also offers numerous possibilities for your own performance at the highest level. Feel free to book me a whole day for special events for a fixed price.

You have a special request, a special fall out idea? Let me know. Hard to believe what with the nostalgia vehicle is possible.

At this point I would like to introduce my partner for events of all kinds. Through a network of event professionals for parties, events, concerts of all kinds, it is possible to make your event a special experience for young and old.

Talk to me without obligation by email or by phone!

For your celebration you are looking for a balloon artist, or wish an atmospheric balloon decoration?
Pierre balloon, the balloon artist from Berlin and its air-filled artobjects are everywhere. Pierre balloon is nationwide for all occasions such as exhibition events, store openings, children's parties, road and city celebrations, Open Day, New Year and Christmas, the warm-up attraction.

Balloon Pierre also offers festive balloon decorations for indoor and outdoor use.
This day is for family and co an unforgettable experience! Next-to

Problems or questions about computer hardware, software, networking, Internet?
Visit Tackys little support page

He quickly became a friend in need for his friends, all around the PC. He offers expert advice around the PC. His main interest is in networking technology for both local networks and the Internet and all the services provided.
Also this site has been designed by him according to my wishes. Go to

The car and boat upholstery Meier has made the roof and sidedoors of my APE Calessino.
The car and Bootssatlerei Meier makes for you: convertible tops,classic car hoods and car interiors. Of course, boat covers, boat's equipment, boat tarpaulin are manufactured to your requirements. In addition, there is also be made motorcycle seats,upholstery and tops for motorcycle sidecars.
Of course, even upholstered furniture based planning and creates all kinds.
More Sattler work on request. Go to